'People-counting is very effective and is key to helping us lever funding for continued growth and development.'

Visitor Centre Manager, Co. Limerick,

'The Nomad footfall counting systems have freed our staff from the painstaking and inaccurate manual counts that we used to do. The data is reliable and gives us an invaluable l tool to measure and quantify any marketing spend and events programmes.'

Town Centre manager, North West,

'We looked at a range of different solutions and companies for people counting and chose Nomad and their range of passive infra red heat counters – largely on the basis of competitive pricing and flexibility of options.'

Tourism Development Manager, Local Government,

'In a business like ours accurate people-counting is absolutely critical and Nomad has not disappointed.'

Public Parks Superintendent, Greater Dublin Area,

'People Counting with Nomad has been incredibly successful for us, we have found both pedestrian and vehicle devices to be very reliable and have allowed us to collect data without disruption from the day of installation.'

Forest Parks, Regional Manager,

'The data we receive from our Nomad people counting systems is always valuable when compiling annual reports on how the building is being used.'

Community Sports Facility Operations Manager,