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Bespoke Solutions

Identification of the most suitable location for installation of equipment will ensure the greatest degree of accuracy. Key considerations will include a pinch point with free flowing traffic, a suitable housing to hold the equipment to blend seamlessly into the environment. We offer a full project design service package to maximise the return on your investment in footfall equipment.

01. Survey

A survey of the client’s site is carried out.

02. Installation

Electronic counters can then be installed by us anywhere.

03. Remote Data Collection

Data can also be retrieved remotely through a web based system.

04. Cloud Reporting

A report of the results is generated.

How it Works

After consultation with the client to determine his or her needs a survey is then undertaken on site to determine the best location to install our covert and unobtrusive traffic counters.  Our custom designed electronic counters can then be installed by us anywhere as they incorporate their own self-contained power supply and transmitters.

Once switched on our counters start to work immediately counting pedestrian and vehicular movement etc. and transmitting data to our central database and to which the client has access 24 Hours a day.  This data can then analyzed further allowing detailed reports to be tailored to the customer’s requirements and supplied in a variety of formats. This invaluable information can then be used  by the client for a wide range of purposes including feasibility studies, the preparation of business plans, audits and grant applications etc.


Cycling is now one of the fastest growing activities in Europe with more and more cycleways and other facilities being provided to meet a growing demand.  An accurate count of how many cyclists use any given location would be invaluable in determining the feasibility of the future development of cycling facilities in both the urban and rural environments.