Tourist Information/Visitor Centre

Project Description

A Heritage Centre located in county Limerick was fully refurbished and restored in 2013. The exhibition within provides an overview of one of Ireland’s most important archaeological sites. It is the only area in the country where you can see visible evidence of every age since Neolithic times.

There is no fee to walk the grounds outside of the Heritage Centre therefore, the park had no way of knowing if it was adequately staffing its  grounds at peak times.

” In cases where tickets are not sold, such as here, we saw that Nomad traffic counting solution provided us with a clear picture of whether our site is attracting more or less visitors over time helping to confirm whether we are achieving your Key Performance Indicators. We saw that the period from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. was a peak visitor volume period allowing us to deploy staff appropriately.”

Footfall Monitoring provides baseline data and allows development of logical, achievable targets.

Project Details